Chemical Additive Units 2017-05-08T21:52:04+00:00


CS&P’s chemical additive units are designed and built for safety and efficiency. The trailers are equipped with tanks and pumping systems for liquid chemical additive treatments such as polymer, surfactant, cross-linker and breaker.

Designed and built to operate at highest performance level every day.

General Specifications:
• Liquid storage for up to 8 totes
• Dual diesel engines and hydraulic systems
• Chemical pumps
• Flow meters
• Hose reels for chemical delivery
• Hydraulically driven chemical tote agitators
• Highly customizable

• Enclosed, climate controlled operator’s cabin
• Chemical pumps are on slide out platforms
• Complete redundancy in engine and hydraulic systems
• User friendly operation using CS&P’s exclusive CTEC operating system with data acquisition
• Enhanced walkways for added safety and accessibility