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Superior Quality

CS&P Technologies has extensive knowledge and experience with rotating equipment and its applications. Our accomplished engineering team is comprised of industry professionals who understand your business and are dedicated to designing equipment that meets your needs.

Machining Capabilities:
Materials Handled
• Mild and High Carbon Steels
• Stainless
• Brass
• Aluminum
• Carbides
• Carbon and Graphite
• Composite Materials
• Teflon
• Plastics
• Polymers
• Stellite
• Ceramics
• Silicon Carbide and Tungsten Carbide

Exotics and Super Alloys
• Chromium Alloys
• Hastelloy
• Inconel
• Incoloy
• Monel
• Titanium
• Zirconium

5 Axis CNC Machine Centers

Lathes and Mills

Honing and Grinding to .0002”

Lapping to Two Helium Light Bands


Shaft Repair and Straightening

Water Jetting

Laser Cutting Tooling (Lifting, Turning, and Reaching)

Welding (MIG, TIG, Stick, and Weld Overlays)


Pressure Testing

Skills and Expertise:
• Paint
• Metalizing
• Ceramic, Hard Chrome, Cermets
• Stainless, Monel, Tantalum, Stellite
• High Density Tungsten-Carbide and Silicon-Carbide applied using HVOF or ArcJet (D-GUN process)
• Others depending upon application, environment and process

Heat Treating and Stress Relieving

Investment and Sand Castings

System Evaluation and Consulting

Mechanical Testing – Destructive/ NonDestructive
• PMI Testing
• Radiograph
• Ultrasonic Testing
• X-Ray
• Dye Penetrant
• Hardness Testing
• Tensile Testing
• Charpy

Engineering and Drafting:

Drawings comply with AMSE Y14.5

Tools are calibrated and recorded

Traceability through evergreen documentation

Inspection (First Article, On-line, and Final)

Special Testing Available (Nondestructive, Pressure, Flow, Preventive Maintenance, Problem Analysis, Balancing, Weld Inspection, MTR’s, Material Determination)

Quality System modeled after ISO-9001

Auto CAD, Solidworks, and Compress

3D Imaging

Engineers available 24/7 (Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic)

Close Tolerances

On-site warehouse survey

OEM Specifications

Over 40,000+ Drawings Archived Design changes available for system requirements