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Petrochemical Rotating and Repairs

Since 1973, CS&P Technologies has earned a reputation for high quality in the petrochemical industry, specializing in rotating and reciprocating equipment repair including pumps, turbines, gearboxes, valves, and blowers. Simultaneously, CS&P emerged as a leading manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and vaporizers for liquefied gases. Our pumping equipment is widely used in the oilfield, industrial gas, alternative fuel, and petrochemical industries.

We continue to be recognized for setting standards with products that we proudly put our name on and that are built to operate in harsh work environments.

Our capabilities will continue to evolve to meet our customer’s changing needs for technology, quality and service. We will continue to find new solutions to meet out customer’s unique challenges.

Our engineering team can work with your specialists to design and implement the best solutions for your unique problems.
• Centrifugal
• Customized
• Hydraulic
• Lobe Impellers
• Multi Stage
• Obsolete
• Piston
• Plunger
• Progressive Cavity
• Rotary Feed
• Vacuum
• Vertical Turbine
 Gearboxes  Material Handling Equipment  Manufactured Skids
 • Speed Increasers
• Speed Reducers
• Blowers
• Slingers
• Blade Replacement
• Replacement
• Resizing
• Repair
• Alignment
 Mixers  Pelletizers  Evaporators
Turbines Shafts (Repair and Replace)
Coupling Modifications (New, Repair, and Bore to Size)
Atomizers and Nozzles Rotary Feed Valves