Segmented Fluid Ends 2017-05-08T21:58:29+00:00


CS&P’s segmented fluid ends were developed for extended service life in demanding and harsh oilfield pumping applications.

Our proprietary stainless material provides increased durability of the internal surfaces to reduce the erosive effects and resist fatigue cracking related to the chemical effects of the proppants used in fracturing today.

Features and benefits:
• Field Replaceable Segments
• Replace Single Segment not Entire Block
• Uses Standard Seats and Valves
• Reduced Downtime for Fluid End Replacements
• Replacements in District Shop is not Required
• Three Times Longer Service Life than Carbon Steel
• Common Discharge Manifold t Discharge Manifold Service Rail
• Discharge Manifold is Reversible for Extended Service Life
• Blocks can be Modified to Accommodate Customer R&D Projects
• Suction Manifold is Designed for Optimized Fluid Flow