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Our nitrogen transports are designed to perform better and last longer than current industry offerings.

• Well Service Pumping Operations
• Multiple Pumping Unit Support
• Liquid Bulk Transport

• US DOT Compliant
• Optional TCRN Approval

• Power supplied by on-board diesel engine or tractor wet kit
• Rugged by design for off-road terrain
• Multiple Discharge Lines
• Designed for ease of operation and maintenance
• All Controls and gauges are accessible from the rear operator’s station
• Heavy-Duty oilfield bumper with tow eyes
• Stainless Steel engine compartment and rear enclosure
• ASME Inner Vessel / CGA-341 compliant

Performance Specifications:
• Fluids Handled: Nitrogen
• Fluid Transfer Rate: 300 GPM

CS&P Manufactured Cryogenic Components:
Centrifugal Pump
• 2” x 3” x 6.7” Mechanical Seal or “Sealless”
Magnetic Drive Option
• Optional High Pressure Centrifugal Pump